Jack O'Donnell amassed an extensive repertoire of choral arrangements. Featuring the rich heritage of coal mining communities in Cape Breton Nova Scotia and around the world, Jack directed the choral group, The Men of the Deeps, for over forty years. The musical arrangements of one hundred songs and more are available for sale. Click here for samples of choral arrangements.

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Sheet Music
All of Jack’s choral arrangements are also available in sheet music form, many of which include piano accompaniments, and all of which contain vocal lines, lyrics and guitar chords. Click here for samples of vocal music arrangements.

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Barbershop Arrangements
For barbershop choral enthusiasts. . .

A ‘barbershop’ arrangement of Rita MacNeil’s ”Working Man”!
Suitable for choirs or quartets.

Contact Amberglade Music ( if you would like to receive a free perusal copy.

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Click on the screen below to view a video of the Men of the Deeps performing a number of Jnack's choral arrangements at a concert with the one-and-only Rita MacNeil.

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Watch the Men of the Deeps performing Leon Dubinsky's "Rise Again",
with Anne Murray, Rita MacNeil, the Rankin Family,
and a collection of other great Nova Scotian performers and musicians.

List of Songs contained in the songbook
The Music of The Men of the Deeps

An giolla ruadh (Traditional)
Are You From Bevan? (Traditional)
Away From The Roll Of The Sea (by Allister MacGillivray)
Ballad of Joe Hill, The (by Earl Robinson & Alfre Hayes)
Ballad Of Springhill, The (by Peggy Seeger)
Billy, Come With Me (by Leon Dubinsky)
Cape Breton Coal Miners, The (by Ray Holland)
Chain Runner Song, The (Traditional)
Christmas In The Mine (by Paul White)
Coal By The Sea, The (Lyrics by Gerard MacNeil)
Coal Is King Again (by Ray Holland)
Coal Tattoo (by Billy Edd Wheeler)
Coal Town Road (by Allister MacGillivray)
Dad’s Old Dinner Pail (Traditional)
Dark As A Dungeon (by Merle Travis)
Down Among The Coal (Traditional)
Down Deep In A Coal Mine (Traditional)
Down In The Hillcrest Mine (by James Keelaghan)
Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill (Traditional)
Forty-Hour Week by Dave Loggins, Lisa Silver, & Don Schlitz)
Government Store, The (Traditional)
Immigrant Eyes (by Guy Clark & Roger Murrah)
I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (by Billy Joe Shaver)
Jolly Wee Miner Men (Traditional)
Kelly’s Cove (Lyrics by Mrs. D.J. MacDonald)
Little Pinkie Engine (by Ida MacAulay & John C. O’Donnell)
Man With A Torch In His Cap, The (by H.C. MacDonald & Leon Dubinsky)
Matthew’s Voyage (by Cyril MacPhee, Arnold Sampson & Wayne Touesnard)
Men of the Deep, The (by Bruce Guthro)
Miner And A Miner’s Son, A (by Tony Aucoin)
Miner’s Life, A (Traditional)
Miner’s Memorial Hymn (Gresford)
Mining Town No More. A (by Bob Hastings)
No More Coal (by W. Appermont & R. Gaspercic)
No. 26 Mine Disaster, The (by Allister MacGillivray)
Now That The Work Is Done (by J.P. Cormier)
Plain Old Miner Boy (by Nell Campbell)
Pluck Me Store, The (by Ida MacAulay & Leon Dubinsky)
Rap Her To Bank (Traditional)
Rise Again (by Leon Dubinsky)
Schooldays End (by Ewan MacColl)
She Loves Her Miner Lad (Traditional)
Song For The Mira (by Allister MacGillivray)
Their Lights Will Shine (by Ron MacDonald)
Thirty-Inch Coal (by Mike Paxton)
Working Man (by Rita MacNeil)
You Raise Me Up (by Brendan Graham & Rolf Lovland)

Arrangements which are not 'a cappella' include piano accompaniments and/or instrumental charts
All the songs listed above are also available in sheet music form.
Selected recorded samples may be heard at

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